Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Reader

I have had a lot of good comments to make about movies lately. Luckily it is because a lot of good movies have been coming out. Valkyrie, Doubt, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Wrestler—all good. The Reader, although the most depressing of the lot, was an extremely intriguing story. I would suggest seeing this movie or reading the book. I had to stop myself from bawling during parts of it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Wrestler

Wrestling has always been fake, but no one has ever done a movie about that bringing it into the realm of real, as far as I know. Everything in this movie shows the reality of wrestling from the wrestlers discussing what they are going to do before a show to the drug-taking washed-up character Mickey Rourke plays. The story is about a wrestler who is making a come back and Rourke's first starring role in a movie since who knows when is nothing short of a parallel. His only friend, a washed-up stripper, is played by Marisa Tomei. His estranged daughter is played by Evan Rachel Wood. For old wrestler enthusiasts, this movie will give a feeling of nostalgia. For everyone else, Mickey Rourke does a great job and director Darren Aronofsky continues to do a good job portraying pain.

U.S. Nationals

Figure skating continued to be a sport that "skates on thin ice" with audiences Saturday night. The skater who won, Alissa Cziny, fell during her freestyle program. This was not a favorable outcome to many who were watching, but what people continue to forget is that the short program and the freestyle program scores are combined for a total score. So, really, it is entirely possible to have a bad skate and win the entire competition if at least one of your programs is flawless.
The judges could have given Cziny a lower score based on her freestyle performance, making her second or third even with the combined score, however, and this is why the sport might be losing popularity. The judges seemed to act on the knowledge that Cziny is a better skater in most instances and will be the best representative of the United States at Worlds. She may be closest to that complete package that Michelle Kwan had.
While artistry is just as important as the technical part of a program, at Worlds, it may come down to the jumps and if Cziny can't be clean, there will be no saving her by the judges. Rachel Flatt who placed second also will be going to Worlds.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Salute to the weekend!

Have a good weekend. I will let you know how the ladies free turns out. I am going to see the Wrestler tonight. Mickey Rourke has been nominated for best actor by the academy. Here is the rest of the list. What are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

U.S. Figure Skating

In honor of the U.S. Nationals this week, I am posting what I think to be one of the quintessential Michelle Kwan programs. Although she is not competing, in my mind she sets the bar. Skating has moved away from the focus on artistry that you will see in her programs. The girls who are at the top of the sport now, are technically sound but do not have the same edge quality.

In this clip, it was the 2000 Worlds, and Michelle was in third place after the short program behind the Russians. She had to pull off her triple-triple combination to win the competition. It shows her resilience, heart, and ferocity as a skater. It is one of my favorite of her programs. I remember getting misty when I watched this on TV as she received the gold medal.

I am going to the Ladies Freestyle Program Saturday night. Although I don't believe any of the current Ladies skaters will come close to her complete package, I can't wait to see what the United States has to offer this year.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This necklace is obviously from JCrew.

But this one I created using a couple strands of gold necklaces that I already had and this ribbon, which I used to tie the two necklaces together on the side creating a similar look as the JCrew necklace. I didn't have to buy anything. Even though I still think the JCrew one looks better, I think a good way to create the large statement necklaces we have been seeing is to double up on strands of your own necklaces.

Stuck in traffic

While passing by four different accidents on the freeway yesterday, on the way to work, I was able to snap these shots. I thought the sun coming through the trees looked cool and of course the sign is right.


I'm sure it was a long campaign trail, but all their hard work paid off.

I really love what Gap has for Valentine's Day! Aren't these so sweet?

Beat the winter blues

I bought myself flowers. What do you do?

Redheads rule

Look how beautiful this Amy Adams-esque girl's hair is and how wonderfully it goes with her green jacket. Found by The Sartorialist in Milan.

Serenity now

It's Wednesday...ahhhhhh

Monday, January 19, 2009

Good tunes

Fleet foxes were just on SNL and here they are on Letterman


I saw Defiance this weekend. I know I need to start expanding my movie list from box office hits, but there is something that intrigues me about historical nonfiction. I suppose its just knowing that the story actually took place. Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, and Jamie Bell are the big names, and they all performed well in their roles. It really is an interesting story and I plan on reading the book. How did you like this? Do you want to see this?

New Zealand is the New Iceland

As of late, I feel like everyone is in love with Iceland, traveling to Iceland, and its culture. The NYTimes has even done a travel guide to Reykjavik, Iceland.
Today I saw the NYTimes' travel guide to a place in New Zealand that is called one of the finest walks in the world. I have wanted to go to New Zealand ever since I saw the Lord of the Rings. All of the photos look gorgeous.
But one thing New Zealand seems to be lacking are these Icelandic Ponies.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Stay warm this weekend!

I am going to visit the boyfriend this weekend. He lives in PA so I am sure it is equally cold. There is talk of seeing Defiance with Daniel Craig and possibly sledding. We must be crazy.
Enjoy this photo from Is Photography on Etsy as advertised on A Cup of Jo.

Photo title: Twinkle

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trying to think warm

It is -10 in Cleveland right now, so today I am posting some of my favorite nautically inspired bathing suits because I could really use some warm weather inspiration. I really like the one from Top Shop, but it seems that they are all sold out. 
Victoria's Secret Top $9.99 Bottom $5.99

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beach Scarf Perfection

Great example of the type of scarf I would use to pull off the beach scarf, giant sunglasses, bikini look described below and a flattering picture of Miss Lohan from Cup of Jo

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obsession: Scarves

For some reason, I have always thought that if I wear a head scarf like this, and big sunglasses, and a bikini I would just look ultra glamorous and awesome. It's going to happen one day, I just know it (said in voice of American Idol-like hope).

So when Design Dig posted this guide about scarves and how to tie them, I got very excited. I am basically obsessed with any kind of scarf. Here are some examples.

Where is a good place to get scarves like these? Do you like any of these looks? For men, A Continuos Lean has a guide on how to tie a bow tie. 


I am going to a social networking event. What should I wear? The parameters are business casual. I don't know if I want to wear the typical business casual uniform, dress pants and a dressy blouse. However, that might be the most approachable. Or should I wear a bright skirt with an interesting pattern?

(Photo Bis by Pamela Hanson)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A curious case

All of Cleveland was snowed in this weekend so when I made plans with my friends to get fancy and go out for drinks the weather had other plans. Plans, however, that excused me from social engagements and plopped me right in a seat at a dark, old theatre in my neighborhood to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

If you have ever read the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald there is no need to worry about the movie falling short of expectations. The writers on this movie basically rewrote the entire story. That, however, in no way took away from the overall theme. What if the way we went through life were different? What if we had youth and vigor at the end of our life instead of the beginning? Would we appreciate our youth more because we had already experienced old age? Would that make things better, easier? Or are things better the way they are?

If you look past all of the overarching messages about life and death, this story can be boiled down to a love story. And as you know, instead of getting older Benjamin Button is getting younger. Benjamin Button and his love meet at the early stages of their lives and then again in the middle when they have finally caught up in age.

Many reviewers say David Fincher was really trying to set this movie apart in cinematography and special effects. Pretty scenes aside, the story helps it along. It is one of those epic stories about a man’s life from beginning to end. I am not sure if this movie will fall into the same category as Forest Gump, but I do believe the intrigue of the story and the beauty of not only the scenes but the characters make it worth seeing.

What did you think? Has anyone read the short story?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Play in the snow this weekend!

Have fun this weekend. I will probably not take my own advice because I am too much of a baby when it gets cold!

(Photo by Cig Harvey)

Dress over jeans

Wow, I'm taking the plunge, modeling an outfit on my own blog. There is no turning back now. 
So, what do you think? 
A good dress over jeans combo? or Too much little house on the prairie? 
What about with a cardigan?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gettin Thrifty

In a recent New York Times video blog, Bill Cunningham, talks about women who relinquish old classic pieces from their wardrobes to keep it fresh even when they aren't buying brand new outfits. I think it's such a fabulous idea, but I am only 23, and still ridding my closet of skin tight denim skirts and possibly some lingering baby tees from what I like to call the dark ages. My wardrobe isn't built up enough to bring out old classics yet. I am still building.

So, I thought it might be in my best interest to start recycling summer peices, such as the dress over jeans phenomenon. Yikes, I know, it makes me nervous too, but I think if done right it can look good. Thank goodness for the Sartorialist, who already wrote about this. If he approves it must be good.

Another way to save money but spruce up your wardrobe is to focus on accesories. They are much less expensive than buying entire outfits and can breathe life into an old ensemble. Sorry, that sounded like something from the home shopping network. 

Buy a scarf with an interesting pattern to wear with one of your plain sweaters.

Forever 21 $9.80

The nautical look is in right now so wear this necklace over a navy blue or striped top.
Forever 21 $3.80

Wear this belt over a long cardigan.

Forever 21 $8.80

Girl crush/style icon

I was reading a new blog today (Laurel), and it reminded me of how much I loved Audrey Tautou in the French film, Priceless. I saw the movie before I started blogging (I know it is hard to imagine a time in your life that existed before that) and I just loved how silly and romantic it was. I didn't mind it being in French either. It's such a beautiful language to listen to.

I loved the dresses she wore. She looked absolutely stunning in every shot. I would love to find out who designed this dress.

Here she is outside of the silver screen in her own outfit and styling. Not my favorite, but I don't care, she is still so cute!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I was at a coffee shop with my friend Dennis on a writing date, when I saw a couple sitting together deep in conversation and if I might add, one sided. The man got up to throw his cup away and the girl immediately reached for her phone.
I know it seems widely accepted at this point to be on your phone or to be doing something with your phone almost all the time, but it still seems strange to me as someone who didn’t get a cell phone until I was 18.
Do we really need to be checking our phones that frequently? I know I check my phone anxiously to see if I missed a call, but in the scheme of things is it that important if we don't respond to a text or call someone back immediately? I have even texted or talked on the phone when at dinner with my boyfriend. We both have because it has just become an excepted way of life, but it definitely says something about the demise of basic etiquette. I don’t have any new year’s resolutions but I think this would be a worthy challenge.
If I just called people back when I had the time and let it go to voicemail sometimes that would be one less thing to worry about. 
Here is a great article my friend Jen brought to my attention. 
What do you think? Could people be better about this? Or should I just get used to the fact that people will one day have a phone implanted into their hand? 

Sonja Henie

In light of the U.S. Nationals being only 11 days away, in my hometown of Cleveland, I am posting this photograph taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt of waiters watching Sonja Henie in St. Moritz. It seems that the waiters couldn't help but take a moment to look at her beauty and grace.
Sonja Henie is such an interesting skater, winning the most Olympic gold medals and being so young. As famous as she was as a figure skater, she became just as famous for her film career.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Follow me...

Hello readers!

If you enjoy my blog become a follower. In the right hand column you will see the option to follow my blog. I promise to be good to you and post wonderful, insightful things (and no more bathing suit pictures)! Thanks, it means a lot.

It's all about the ruffle

I really enjoyed recieving this email from JCrew alerting me to the new arrivals. The sketch really makes me want to take a stab at my own drawing of a beach babe, although this one would be hard to top. It is quite a mood warmer in the dead of winter, especially on a cold day like today.

I'm really lovin' these ruffle shirts. I love the stripe on the one below.

I might need these after all of my hours of writing during the day and blogging at night. They sure are cute though. Don't hate me for saying this, but it makes me wish I wore glasses. Combined with that ruffled blouse and a pencil skirt=sexy secretary.

A Gorgeous Cable-Knit Sweater

Details: Banana Republic Sweater (Similar) / Gap Jeans / Nordstrom Boots / Ten Thousand Villages Necklace Well, it's officially ...