Sunday, January 11, 2009

A curious case

All of Cleveland was snowed in this weekend so when I made plans with my friends to get fancy and go out for drinks the weather had other plans. Plans, however, that excused me from social engagements and plopped me right in a seat at a dark, old theatre in my neighborhood to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

If you have ever read the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald there is no need to worry about the movie falling short of expectations. The writers on this movie basically rewrote the entire story. That, however, in no way took away from the overall theme. What if the way we went through life were different? What if we had youth and vigor at the end of our life instead of the beginning? Would we appreciate our youth more because we had already experienced old age? Would that make things better, easier? Or are things better the way they are?

If you look past all of the overarching messages about life and death, this story can be boiled down to a love story. And as you know, instead of getting older Benjamin Button is getting younger. Benjamin Button and his love meet at the early stages of their lives and then again in the middle when they have finally caught up in age.

Many reviewers say David Fincher was really trying to set this movie apart in cinematography and special effects. Pretty scenes aside, the story helps it along. It is one of those epic stories about a man’s life from beginning to end. I am not sure if this movie will fall into the same category as Forest Gump, but I do believe the intrigue of the story and the beauty of not only the scenes but the characters make it worth seeing.

What did you think? Has anyone read the short story?


Michelle said...

really? I hope so, b/c I am one cynical move-goer, I have heard mixed reviews about this movie...I guess I have to go see for myself

Christina said...

It is certainly one of those movies that you have to go see for yourself. There is much to appreciate in the movie. The one thing I would have preserved from the short story is the fact that Benjamin Button, along with having an older man’s body has the mind of an older man, and it "grows younger" (less mature) as his body grows younger. It seems more appropriate that with his younger body he might have a less mature attitude. However, that might entirely be the point the movie is trying to make. The story has a much funnier take on this whole scenario.

Christina said...

I changed my last line. It certainly wasn't flawless.

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