Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CD releases

Today there are two CDs being released that I am super excited about. Vampire Weekend's Contra and Laure Veir's July Flame. I was listening to the Vampire Weekend CD on NPR when I came across Laura Veirs, and I really enjoy her music.
You are probably saying to yourself, "Why would you be buying CDs when you are on a spending freeze?" Well the answer is that I'm not. I was able to go to Laura Veir's Web site and download two of the tracks for free and I have a duplicate Decemberists CD that I recieved for Christmas that I need to exchange for the Vampire Weekend CD. Score! No money spent. But I hope you consider buying one of these CDs because they are both really good.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to take a listen!
RE Stripes.
I don't thinkyou can ever have too many stripes. I think it just make you look more french... and thaat is never a bad thing.

Christina said...

Thanks I agree! Make sure you get to the page on NPR where they are previewing both CDs in their entirety. They said they would do this until today, and apparently they meant all day today too.

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