Friday, February 5, 2010

Steel Magnolias

This weekend some friends and I committed to watching Steel Magnolias, eating peel your own shrimp, and consuming southern cocktails. I could not be more excited. Hope you have something fun planned. As for tonight I need to finish printing out the invites to my sister's bridal shower. Wish me luck! Last night I ran out of ink.

Some things that caught my eye:

Is it too late to change my mind about exchanging gifts for V-day?

I want this girl's cool LA style.

A guide to beards. My guy's a Hollywoodian. It's super dreamy.

A romantic photo a museum?

A Halloween costume to keep in mind.


Diane said...

omg that is one of my all time favorite movies! i have seen it like literally 150 times :P

Kristin said...

Ummmmmmmm, that is one killer idea. My lil' sis and I are most obsessed with that flick!

Taylor Sterling said...

ooh I love that movie! xx

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