Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So speaking of DIY, I have to express my love and obsession of Emersonmade. I was inspired to do this post after I saw Katie's post last night. It seems as though the line started out as flower pins and has branched out each season with new flowers and inventory such as clutches and sashes. This is one of those online destinations that I will keep returning to for inspirtation and with a craving for every item. The photography and styling is so cute and the outfits are inspirations in themselves. Check out the Web site for shopping and the blog for beautiful editorials.

This is their newest big rose. They even have really cute names.

This is the Dandy.

This is the Big Poppy.

And they have styles for men.

The pretty flowers can set you back a bit. For the small to large flowers and roses the range is anywhere between $32.50 and $84. The clutches are between $48 and $68. This may be a hard purchase to justify after my spending freeze is over. However, I can see a big red rose adorning my gray herringbone jacket perfectly or a Big Poppy on my navy blue sundress. Each flower is hand dyed and hand stitched; and they are made of natural linens and sometimes high-grade cottons, which is probably why they are worth it. These would be perfect purchases for the special occasions in your life.


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

So glad you're an Emersonmade fan as well! I just adore their creations and their photo shoots---seriously the best, most creative stuff I've seen in a long while. Plus, it's just plain fun. I want to own a company with John someday and they're my inspiration! XO Katie

Christina said...

That would be so fun. To own a company with your best friend. And it looks like they love what they do. Thanks for the passing on of inspiration.

MEF said...

love this!

Visit my blog

Taylor Sterling said...

OH WOW they are beautiful! I would so wear one!

Anonymous said...

I love her shop... have you ever tried to make one yourself?

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