Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday! It's my sister's bridal shower tomorrow, and I am so excited. All of the weeks of planning will finally culminate into a beautiful event, fingers crossed. I stayed up late last night making some last minute red velvet cupcakes. I am so ready for the weekend. Here are some links. Enjoy!

Collages made by a Met security guard.

A photo shoot inspired shoots.

I want to go to there.

Scarves made from the finest materials from Kashmir, India.

A wise saying.  But I prefer a lime.

(Photo via From Me To You)


the Neo-Traditionalist said...

Thanks for the link glad you like those scarves! Hope you enjoy your sister's bridal shower---how fun! XO Katie

Anonymous said...

red velvet cupcakes sound so delicious! have fun at your sister's bridal shower! and congrats to her! cute blog!

Taylor Sterling said...


Punctuation Mark said...

hope your weekend is going well!

kirstyb said...

love the pic x

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