Friday, March 26, 2010

Spill it: Wants

Let's dish. It's Friday after all. What are you craving, wanting more than anything, your life depends on it, but you can't have because either it's too expensive or you are trying to save money. Here is my list. What is on yours?

This ruffly bathing suit top is sooo cute.

A wardrobe fully outfitted by theory.

I love a good brown leather bag.
This gorgeous summery top that I didn't notice until after I posted about tops.

A new pair of skinnies in dark wash this time.


Valerie said...

I completely agree with you on the theory wardrobe. I also want a neon pink clutch, a nude colored pair of jazz shoes, huge drop emerald earrings, and a studded ring or studded leather cuff. Have a great weekend!

Christina said...

Sign me up for a pair of nude pumps and drop emerald earrings. I have been wanting those since Angelina wore them at the Academy Awards last year.

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