Friday, April 30, 2010

Have a charming weekend!

I just love the images from Tod's latest advertising campaign. They are quite charming in an old money sort of way. I am heading up to see the boy this weekend and it is supposed to be beautiful! I hope your weekend is full of warm weather as well!

Some links from the week:

One of my favorite movie quotes.

A DIY strawberry face mask.

Some photography tips.

Figure skating dresses are in!

Cool getaway car.

I love a good documentary.

Good quote.

(Photo via Tod's by Elliot Erwett)

Girly dresses for sale

There is an awesome Radenroro sale on Daily Candy today. I desparately want all of these dresses. It doesn't hurt that their model is a gorgeous Zooey Deschanel look-alike.


Just some things I have been wanting lately...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Medina, OH: Perfectly charming

Over the weekend, I was in Medina for a lacrosse tournament. My boyfriend coaches a team, and while for some of the games it was sunshiney and beautiful, it started raining halfway through the day. So I had to resort to some shopping. Medina, OH, is in a more rural area of the state, and it still has the charm of a small town. On it's public square there are gift shops, boutiques, a consignment shop, restaurants and coffee shops, an army navy surplus store, and a toy and train museum. The shops couldn't be more cute. I was lucky to find an equestrian-style scarf for $3 at the consignment shop and a discounted candle at the Root Candle outlet store. Also, the city's antique shop is filled with room after room of the quirkiest stuff. Although I didn't buy anything, it certainly helped to pass the time.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sailor suit

Check out that pretty tree blooming. It has been going crazy this past month. I love when it blooms. I picked out this outfit mainly to wear this scarf I found at a consignment shop over the weekend. The print is actually more equestrian than anything and reminds me of something from Ralph Lauren, except that it was $3!! When I added the red coat and the striped shirt I realized how over-the-top nautical it was. Maybe I went a little "overboard", but I don't wear this red coat enough and there are only so many cooler spring days left, hopefully.
H&M Coat; Ralph Lauren striped shirt: $20; The Limited pants; Consignment scarf; J.Crew purse: gift; Mudd shoes: hand me downs

French soaps

How cute are these French Lessons Mini Soaps from Tokyo Milk? The scents, Shea Butter, Mandarin, Tuberose, Gardenia & Vetiver, sound so pretty, no?

Strawberry fields forever

I am one who likes to go rummaging through the digital sale bins. When I saw these red loafers on Aldo's Web site for $24.98, I couldn't help myself from picturing the cute outfits that could become of them. I thought these would look really cute with a green cardigan for some reason. Although this color combination may be better suited for fall, it's still fun to justify a purchase with imaginary outfits.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shorts, a staple through fall

I am all of the sudden into trouser, dress shorts, although I am normally concerned about their lack of flattery. These shorts are different because the leg hole isn't meant to squeeze your thighs in the wrong places. The wide leg and the tulip appearance of them create a more flattering shape, complimenting already existing curves, depending on what you wear with it. They appeared on the Spring 2010 runway, Ellie Tahari, pictured above. And they are staying through Fall 2010, Azzaro, pictured below.

I am even liking the leather variety of shorts, albiet an impractical purchase. The Wall Street Journal made a reference to them being the only thing that the girl with everything doesn't have in her closet, here.

The Blonde Salad styles them perfectly here. I think the loose style of the shorts look good with a fitted top.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Styling tip: Peasant blouse

I love a good white embroidered, peasant-style blouse. She pulls off wearing it with a leather jacket and wavy locks. I would probably not be daring enough to try it, but it's a nice way freshen up the look.

Gap's embroidered blouse, $64.50.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I hope you...

Find yourself flying high this weekend. Off to the Chocolate Bar with the girls and then tomorrow to see the fast feet of Riverdance! Enjoy!

(Image by Lee Jenkins via Black*Eiffel)


These are pretty cool heels.

What to wear: Dinner with friends

So I have a dinner date tonight with my friends at a restaurant I haven't tried yet. I have no idea what the ambiance is like, the lighting, or the dress code. The Web site is generic and gives no photos of the location. That made me think that this problem may present itself more often than not. Here is my go-to outfit in this situation. If you have any reason to believe it might be a fancier restaurant, I think it's okay to overdress. And in that case, I think a pretty skirt and a cardigan will work wonders. The skirt will make you look dressy, but a relaxed fit cardigan and some subtle accessories tone the outfit down. Some clues like, what kind of businesses surround the restaurant and if it's an early dinner or a later dinner will also help you decide between wearing a little black dress or jeans and a nice top. What's your go-to for this kind of situation?

(For half the day the post title said, "What to where..." instead of "What to wear..". I have fixed this, but I am highly embarassed by the mistake because I certainly never confuse where, wear, and were.)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I had to share this recycled vanity turned into a jewelry organizer I saw on Etsy today especially because I just posted about organizing my jewelry and because it's Earth Day. Happy Earth Day!

Movie style on the runway

I was watching Casablanca a couple of weeks ago and noticed this dress worn by Ingrid Bergman. It reminded me of a dress I saw on the spring runway from Tommy Hilfiger. It looks like they were going for a look that could be worn in an exotic coastal town with a flair for french style. It's interesting to find the many sources for the nautical trend that's hot right now.
Here are some other looks I liked from the TH spring runway. I don't usually look to designers like TH for a lot of inspiration or for something different. Sometimes it's fun though to look at the classic shapes and designs that make a line like this one work season after season. It's also fun to just imagine wearing the pretty dresses and clothes that are wearable in everyday life. Or at least looks that you hope you could fit into your life, if you were that glamorous all the time.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zebra stripes and pink

I have been wearing a lot of skirts to work lately. The weather is finally warm enough that I don't have to wear pants. Yes! I bought this shirt at H&M a couple of years ago. Now that stripes are really in, I thought I would pair the black and white neautrals with this bright skirt, which I styled differently here. I ate my lunch and read Vanity Fair at the park near work today. It almost looks a little too warm to be wearing tights in this picture, but I assure you there is still a coolness in the air.

Army green jackets

I am loving army green jackets especially paired with really girly details like floral print dresses and skirts. It kind of makes me think of Jenny from Forest Gump, during her hippy phase. Throwing on one of these jackets would be a nice alternative to wearing a cardigan on those chilly spring nights. Here are some of my favorites for spring. Before I pick up one of these, I might have to take a trip to the Army Navy story to see what's in stock.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Outfit inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

Since everyone is so excited for Sex and the City 2, I will share some outfit inspiration I found a while ago of Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself. She of course can rock the knee high socks, while I am still waiting for the confidence and the right moment. Please let me know if you figure out when that would be.

(Found at Fashion Champagne)

Beautiful Bottoms

I saw this collection of bras and panties and instantly fell in love with the floral patterns and delicate fabrics. This is not your ordinary underwear. If you are in the market for something different but not overly raunchy, Beautiful Bottoms definitely falls into the subtle sexy category.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Sequins

My friend Dan and I went to this outdoor mall where they have restaurants and shopping. After being told that the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed for a private party we had to choose a more upscale establishment. All we wanted to do was sit outside. So we waited for the table on the patio for 30 minutes. We didn't have the friendliest waitress in the world but we made the best of a beautiful night. Here I am trying to incorporate sequins into my everyday work look. This tank top from the Limited is about 3 years old, and I never wear it during the day. This is a nice way to play with the classic white shirt with black skirt combo.

NY & Co. blouse: $15; Limited tank; Skirt: gift; Nine West pumps: $40; J.Crew necklace: $20; T.J. Maxx purse: $20; Pac Sun Sunglasses: $10

Thrifty trend

I love this statement necklace from Forever 21. The large stones are so eye catching. And it's only $8.80.

Wouldn't you like to work here...

This storefront in Vienna is both a studio and home to Sandra Haischberger who designs a line of porcelain vases and home accessories called Feinedinge.

(Found at Design Sponge)

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Friday!

Hey! I am looking forward to the weekend, but I wish the weather was going to be more cooperative. It appears that I may be enjoying some lacrosse games in the rain, but fingers crossed it stays nice. What are your plans for the weekend? Here are some links from the week. Enjoy!

This is exactly what summer feels and looks like.

I totally want to go to this Scottish castle.

Emily explains how to do a braided up-do.

Some female hoteliers.


Victoria's Secret does....print dresses

Sometimes when Victoria's Secret follows trends I am really happy with the results. Here are three print dresses that I have been pining after. If you can hold out until one of their semi-annual sales, I am sure you can snatch them up for a good price.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A book and a movie...

Derek Blasberg, a friend to and writer of socialites and celebrities, came out with, Classy: Exceptional Advice for the extremely Modern Lady, a book that details the right way to climb the social ladder, leaving a good impression, but not that kind that lands you on the latest worst-dressed list, according to the book description. There is a very interesting New York Times article chronicling his rise to fame, detailing all of his critics along the way. That will give you a better taste of the author before you decide to purchase, but if anything, this will be an amusing read. Finally, someone came up with a better way to get ahead. 
After seeing a description of this Italian film on Habitually Chic, I am very intrigued and excited to see, Io sono l'amore (I am Love), starring Tilda Swinton, who plays a Russian woman in Italy. The story involves the patriarch of an Italian family, splitting his company between his son and grandson. But the grandson wants to open a restaurant with his friend. The wife of the son, played by Swinton, enters into a passionate love affair with the friend, altering the fate of this family. It has everything I love, Italy, good drama and fashion, and an academy award winning actress. So I can't wait until it opens in the US on June 18.

A Gorgeous Cable-Knit Sweater

Details: Banana Republic Sweater (Similar) / Gap Jeans / Nordstrom Boots / Ten Thousand Villages Necklace Well, it's officially ...