Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting organized: Jewelry

I have been meaning to organize my jewelry for a long time. Right now gobs of necklaces and earrings are covering space on my dresser that could be utilized in a better way. I am very close to just buying one of these nice organizers from Bed Bath and Beyond.
But when I saw these two lovely bloggers post about their jewelry organization techniques, I thought that maybe I could be a little more creative. I have already eyed the spool holder at Jo Ann's for Dina's way. And Tiffany's framed jewelry is really pretty. This could be recreated using a board and some push pins.

Here Tiffany hangs excess jewelry on a hook in her closet to keep clutter out of view.

How do you organize your jewelry? Do you have a better way?

(Images from I am Styl-ish, by Tiffany and Dina's Days, by Dina)


MEF said...

amazing!! i'm a disaster!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Ohh I love that chic case that opens! I wish I had something like that. Honestly, mine is just piled up in heaps in pretty bowls and trays from the flea market. Probably not the best for the jewels, but it looks pretty! xo katie

Christina said...

Haha I know. It's just something I never get around to. I was hoping these examples would motivate me.

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