Thursday, April 8, 2010

Silver and Gold

For summer footwear, I like a sandal that will go with just about anything. Silver and gold are the tried and true colors that accomplish that goal. Bridesmaid dress after bridesmaid dress will tell you that. Pair a gold sandal with a navy blue dress for a more nautical look. Wear a silver sandal with a black summer dress for a dressier look. What kind of sandal will you be wearing this summer? Here are some that I found for under $200!

Michael Kors Wedge, $98
J.Crew Platform, $188
Steve Madden Flats, $49.95
Ecote Macrame Flats, $24


Rosanna said...

love the gold sandals. so true about bridesmaid stuff. The wedding last year I wore a gold sandal and this wedding coming up I have the same sandal but in a darker gold!!!!

love this!!! :)

Christina said...

Yeah! And every time I end up buying some cheap Target or Payless shoe. I think I should learn to invest in one gold and one silver shoe to wear as a bridesmaid every time!

Christina said...

It's called expensive taste. I suffer from it too. I have my eye on the last pair as well.

Kayla said...

I totally believe a good metallic shoe can make an outfit. Take that good taste and embrace it!

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