Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Friday ladies and gents!

Hey there, I hope you enjoyed the Jack Wills posts all week. It was quite fun to play model for a bit, and I hope it will serve as a helpful guide if you ever find yourself shopping there.

So my weekly list of links kind of turned into a list of wants. I had prepared nothing else at this point, and because of utter exhaustion after being sick for part of the week, I don't plan on doing anything else until this weekend is over. Hurray! What do you have planned this weekend?


I want this flag blanket.

And one or two of these swim suits.

And that hair.

And this chandelier.

And this vintage diamond ring, which is a giveaway by the way.

(Image via Le Love)



nice blog! like your taste !!

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E said...

That chandelier would be so perfect on the porch of country house!

Taylor Sterling said...

I hope you had a great weekend girl!! xo

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