Friday, May 21, 2010

Jack Wills: Alchester Silk Skirt

I really wanted the Alchester Silk Skirt to work out. I love the shiny silk material and the tulip shape, but it's just a tad too short for my taste. I tried it out with my nautical stripes, because I like the way the blue and white looks with neutrals. I tossed in my gold sandals to complete the theme. I think I could have ordered a larger size, because the description says it should sit low on the hips and this is definitely sitting higher. To make this skirt work in the future, I might try wearing it with black tights when it's a little colder out. Am I being too prude? What do you think? Would you wear this skirt?
Skirt courtesy of Jack Wills; Ralph Lauren shirt; Sam Edelman Sandals


Alicia said...

Ohh! I love this look!!

I can see why you would be a little uncomfortable though, I'm the same way! It would look great with tights, but it really looks good this way too. Your tiny!!

Dina's Days said...

That's why I have the hardest time buying skirts, I can't deal with them being too short! I agree, tights make it a little more manageable. It looks good on you though!

Vanessa Mala said...

You should totally wear it.
Your only young once, show them nice legs off! :) Seriously though, looks great.

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