Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th!

(Photos from last night's Cleveland Orchestra concert on Public Square along with fireworks show)

I am going to see the boy this weekend for some 4th of July/Birthday fun! I hope to see beautiful fireworks and run around with sparklers in the backyard. Hope you enjoy the holiday weekend! 

Some links:

These doorways are just gorgeous!

Really cool wallpaper.

I can't stop looking at these images.

Love these tie-the-knot save the dates.

I want to copy this girl's style too, Taylor.

This makes me wish I was back in Annapolis.

A very cool blog

I wish I owned a cottage and designed it this perfectly.

Another road trip guide. This one is awesome.

(photos by me)


celita said...

love your blog, i will follow it!!

Sarah said...

great links! Happy July 4th! xx

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