Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Inspiration: Fall 2008

I was perusing this is glamorous and came across this editorial from Glamour UK from fall 2008. I think I need to add a red cardigan and ruffly blouses to my fall check list. I don't think I could ever pull this off, but I love the dark socks with the summer wedges. They look perfect in the photos. Maybe it's the long jeans?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmys fashion

My favorite dress from the whole night was worn by Glee-star Lea Michele, an Oscar de la Renta gown. I love the ruffles and the color. And I was so happy to see Modern Family and Mad Men win! Two of my favorite shows.

(Photo from E!Online)

Date-night inspired fall outfit

I think there are two kinds of dressers when it comes to date-night attire. Those who wear something for their significant other and those who wear something for themselves. I would like to think I fall somewhere in between. I am in no way above trying to look good and getting attention from the man, but I don't think there is any reason those things can't go hand-in-hand. And so this outfit is born. I have heard a lot of fashion experts say that you only want to showcase one body part at a time otherwise it's overwhelming. I could not agree more. With this outfit I am able to show off my legs with this skirt and the leg lengthening heels, but I am covered up on top. And that actually brings me to my favorite part of this outfit: the top. I love to wear my striped shirt, but sometimes it can look a little "Sag Harbor". Pairing it with this colorful scarf, skirt, and high heels, I feel more Parisian than Boca Vista. Piece 2 of the outfit that I love: the scarf. Normally this would feel a little stuffy, but because I am already showing off the gams, I feel no need to show off on top. And here you have it: a fall-inspired sexy but fashionable date-night outfit. What do you wear on date nights? Do you go super sexy? Or more casual?
Ralph Lauren top; Consignment shop scarf; Ray Ban aviators; H&M skirt; J.Crew bracelet; Kenneth Cole watch; Nine West shoes; Gap belt

Friday, August 27, 2010

On a more personal note and Happy Friday!

So I would like to share a personal tidbit about myself. The boyfriend and I have been in a long-distance relationship for close to 2 years. You may have noticed that because I am always going to visit him on the weekends. So this happens to be one of our off weekends when we catch up on errands and whatnot. I still miss him terribly the weekends we are off, but it is nice to not be traveling and just relax. I don't know if anyone out there is in a similar situation, but I have to say it's not that bad. We have managed pretty well actually. And for all of you who do get to see your boyfriend or girlfriend everyday that's great. But if you don't, you may understand that there is something very romantic and exciting about not seeing each other for so long. We usually only go two weeks, but at the end of every two week period, I always have something to look forward to. We always make the best of the time we spend together so those weekends are always full of activities. And most important, when we do finally see each other we are both so excited, I feel like we are at our very best. I do look forward to a time when we live closer. But right now we still have a lot of freedom to be young and pursue our separate career goals, which is amazing. I feel very lucky in that regard. I definitely tend to look at the silver lining of most situations. I don't know why, but I just felt like sharing. Maybe I am in such a mushy mood because I have been checking the blog le love too much. But seriously is there a situation that you are in that isn't completely ideal, but you make the best of?

I hope you enjoy your weekends and these links:

P.S. I made this, the book.

J.Crew Outlet online! A dream come true!

Win a trip to NYC Fashion Week just by leaving a comment at StyleList.

A new blog on kissing and love.

Annie Hall poster.

I love anything Cole Haan.

I want something leopard print this fall.

Sexy cars.

Another great fall outfit.

I would like this bench please, but I don't want to make it..hmm.

This camel poncho would look great in my closet.

The perfect white lace dress.

Closeups of Chloe.

Bedroom inspiration
. Good if you're planning on having a sleepy weekend.

(Photo via Le Love)

Weekend wear: Nautical coordinates

I thought since it's Friday I would share with you a more casual look. I was actually very excited that I was able to put together the red jacket and blue and white striped top. I couldn't believe I had such a coordinated outfit in my closet. Most of my outfits are pieced together from a hodge-podge of really old clothes that I have held onto over the years and some newer purchases that get thrown in the mix resulting in a more shabby chic look. This is quite impressive. I think my wardrobe is movin' on up. I give credit to my blog. It challenges me to make more intelligent decisions while shopping. You would think it would do the opposite, but as I learn more about fashion and shopping through reading other blogs, I have really been much more concerned with buying fewer pieces that I really love that I will want to wear a long time and not as many throw-away trends.
Ray Ban aviators; F21 jacket; H&M tank; American Eagle jeans; Sam Edelman sandals; J.Crew necklace

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cold office wear

I was going for a really classic look with this outfit but the black t-shirt and jean jacket made the long skirt and pearl necklace look a little edgier. It's a pretty simple outfit, but I really like the colors. I like that when I take off the jean jacket it turns into a dressier outfit, which is a nice option in the office when you are running in and out of meetings, but want to be a little more casual at your desk. I can't express how important layering is when the AC at the office is still on full blast during these transitional months.
Gap shirt and skirt; Old Navy jacket; Nine West shoes; Silver Mine jewelry

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not too shabby sale and contest

It gets to a point at the end of summer when sales are popping up everywhere. And just when you think you've seen your last one, another one makes you shamefully spend that recently deposited pay check. Luckily, I don't live in Salt Lake City, UT, otherwise I would be attending the annual Shabby Apple Garden Party Dress Sale, which takes place this Saturday. Shabby Apple is an online boutique with the most darling vintage-inspired dresses. The event is touting outrageous prices, even as low as $5 for a dress. There is a 1920s theme and a prize for the best dressed. If you are not lucky enough to live nearby, you can enter to win their Cider dress from their Berkshires line by posting about the event on your blog and sharing the link with them in the comments of their blog post here. Good luck! Does anyone plan to attend the actual event? Are there any other exciting sales or events going on this weekend? I am also loving their Jacob's Pillow polka dot dress from the same collection.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Downtown Franklin, Pa

I know I mentioned that over the weekend we went to an engagement party for a friend who lives in Franlikn, Pa. The party was a lot of fun despite the torrential downpour all night. Talk about looking forward to fall. We all stayed huddled under the tent, using my umbrella to take trips to the bathroom. I was finally able to wear that fall sweater that I know everyone has been craving. Where there are good people and drinks, you can have a lot of fun in the middle of a rain storm under a tent.
The next day we had to venture into the quaint and charming downtown area of the city. It is lined with antique shops, local restaurants and bars, and some cute bed and breakfasts. We stopped in DeBence Antique Music Museum and didn't have time for the whole tour, but  browsed the basement of the museum and popped quarters into the player piano, which just plays Elvis songs.
When we saw this gorgeous fountain we had to take some pics.
Charlotte Russe cover up; Target dress; H&M scarf; Sam Edelman sandals; Pac Sun sunglasses; H&M bag

Friday, August 20, 2010

Have a picture perfect weekend!

Ok so I am off to see the beau this weekend. We will be soaking up the last rays of summer and attending a meet and great party for a wedding I am in next year. It's a bigger wedding party so the bride wants everyone to get a chance to meet before the big day, which I think is a good idea. It carries the same idea of an engagement party, without all the formalities. That is 3 years in a row of bridesmaid duties, which I am more than happy to do. I am getting pretty good at this! Enjoy your weekend! Don't those shoes look adorable on the girl in that photo? Kind of makes me want to steal my boyfriend's saddle shoes.

NY Mag does a classic pencil skirt 5 different ways.

Atlantis Home takes on Martha's lemon bar recipe.

It was about time F21 recreated Miu Miu's shoe.

J.Crew-endorsed Romantics must be a good movie.

Great outfit post. Check out those shoes

Balenciaga giveaway, share the love.

JFK rocks the wayfarer

My new fall uniform.

Love Gwen.

My Mad Men obsession continues with my love for this 60s-inspired dress.

Topshop flats are adorable.

Loving this lady's style.

Forgot to post this link before. I think one goal of mine is now to live in a house with a view so beautiful

(Photo via Blue Pool Road)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Kids Are All Right

I saw the The Kids Are All Right over the weekend. It's the story of two children played by Mia Wiakowska and Josh Hutcherson, who were conceived by artificial insemination, reaching out to their sperm-donor dad, Mark Ruffalo. The mothers, characterized as the control freak (Annette Bening) and the stay-at-home-mom and artsy free spirit (Julianne Moore), struggle to stay on the same page. It is endearing, touching, genuine, and hilarious. I would highly recommend it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thrifty piece for fall: The airy blouse

You may remember seeing this street style version of the flowy blouse this spring.

Here is a designer variation by Chloe.

Here I am attempting the trend. I am blinded by the sun glare.

One item of clothing that I am excited to transition from summer to fall is the light and airy blouse. I have seen them all summer worn with leather shorts and skirts. For fall, I can see one tucked into a pair of trouser pants for work or belted with a miniskirt and tights for a more relaxed look. I love all of the designer options including those from Chloe and Miu Miu, but the prices don’t really work with my budget. So I did what any thrifty girl could do. I went to Goodwill and picked out a very chic blouse for fall and it was only $5.50. The thrift store has very nice options, but I know how easy it is to be led astray by the hunt of a good bargain. And you don’t want to come home realizing that your budget friendly blouse is actually frumpy and out of date. These rules can guide you to choose something that still looks contemporary even if it’s really something that hasn’t seen the light of day since the Clinton Administration.

1. Don’t be afraid of a simple solid color. A nice bright color is sometimes all you need to make a statement with your outfit. Patterns are fun too and very in right now, but some patterns, especially when looking at the thrift store, will automatically outdate the blouse even if the proportions and fit are really nice. However, use your best judgment because I could see some patterns such as polka dots and stripes being ok depending on your own personal style.

2. Loose is ok but not baggy. I chose a shirt that was a medium because I wanted to have that billowy effect when tucked into pants or a skirt. I am normally a size small so that wasn’t too much of a stretch. Picking out an extra large when you are a small might be a bad idea if you want to wear it as a top. I could see that possibly working out if you were cinching it with a belt and wearing it as a shirtdress. But I would test that out first.

3. Embellishments are good in moderation. I think one embellishment is really cute with these types of blouses. For instance a bow around the collar or a little lace or a ruffle down the middle, but I wouldn’t go for something that has all of these features. Once again this could make the blouse look dated and/or frumpy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fashion discourse: Animal instinct

I can't help but look at the black and white stripes and tan leather belt and shoes without thinking of the animal influences in fashion. After all, weren't zebras the first ones to make stripes popular? Animal hide aka leather is continually a source and inspiration for fashion. So does wearing these two influences together make a statement about the animal in all of us? I don't know, but I don't think it's a coincidence that the two go together quite naturally.
H&M top and pants; Nine West shoes; Vintage locket; J.Crew necklace and bangle; Vintage bracelet; Gap belt

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday!

Should be a very relaxing weekend. I am seeing a friend tonight before he goes off to his MFA program at Sarah Lawrence (so proud!). We are getting Thai food and seeing The Kids Are All Right to be followed by s'mores with friends and family. Enjoy your weekend and these links:

Remember the disgruntled flight attendant from earlier this week? Check out this reenactment

I love this boat bath tub

J'aime Mon Carre

A clueless inspired closet

Kmart designs unfugly clothing

Awesome F. Scott Fitzgerald book cover designs

Inspired by 70s style

Loving all the posts on fall, especially this one

(Photo of Patricia and Peter Lawford from  At its best)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have not worn this outfit yet, but I wanted to put together an outfit for Chictopia's Make Life Juicy contest that expressed my style fully—girly prep with a trendy flair. I originally wore this dress for New Year's Eve. I love the poofyness and that it has a bow in the back. By wearing the striped shirt underneath it, I think I was able to express my love of contrasting elements. I think the best way to introduce a trend into your wardrobe, like stripes, is to pair it with something already in your wardrobe. Or in this case, I already owned the striped shirt, but by pairing it with the dress, reinvented the shirt.

If you are a member of the website Chictopia you can vote for me here by clicking on the yellow star.
H&M top; Ann Taylor Loft headband; Forever 21 dress; Target shoes

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All tied up

I never wear this dress. Don't get me wrong. I think it's a mighty fine dress, but it's very plain and it doesn't come to mind immediately when I am looking for a way to spruce up my daily wardrobe (Au contraire, "Lady in Red"). Adding this scarf automatically makes it something I am more willing to wear because a) I am always trying to incorporate this scarf into my wardrobe and b) it matches perfectly and adds an interesting detail to an otherwise plain dress. I folded the scarf bringing two opposing corners together and rolled it until it was at a thickness I was happy with and then wrapped it around the waist of the dress. Ta-da!
Body Central dress (no joke); Consignment shop equestrian scarf; Sam Edelman sandals; H&M tank top; Vintage gold locket

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In the press

Thanks to Glamour who recently featured me as one of their best dressed readers. Glamour is very encouraging of the blogger community. Submit your own best dressed look and check out mine here.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Happy Monday! Vacation was great but it's good to be back. Hope you enjoyed the posts while I was away. Today I wanted to share with you this amazing double-take. These shoes by Jack Rogers at Nordstrom for $95 look very similar to the Target pair for $20.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Friday!

I hope you all enjoyed your weeks. I will be back from vacation Monday and back to regular posting. Enjoy these beaches in France while I'm away.

(Photos by Patrick Smith, France)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mad Men

I thought I would share my Mad Men-inspired look with you again since I am on vacation and have nothing planned for today. I wanted to ask all of you die-hard Mad Men fans out there, how do you like the 4th season so far? Since there are some people who possibly haven't seen it I wont say anything unless in the comments.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Packing guide: Beach Vacation

I have seen a lot of people doing packing tutorials lately, and since I am currently on vacation, I thought I'd take a stab at it. Here are some examples of the clothes/accessories/shoes I will be bringing:
A variety of tops and skirts to be combined in various ways. It's easy stress-free packing creating a variety of different outfits that can be re-worn and -assembled.
Outfit 1: Gap skirt; The Limited Tank; Banyan Tree necklace; Sam Edelman sandals; Etsy clutch; Ray Ban aviators
Outfit 2: Marshalls' blouse; Urban Outfitters skirt
A going out dress. This was my investment piece from a couple of summers ago when I got one of my first official paychecks as a working college grad. It was something I saw, and knew I had to have. Luckily it went on sale right before I went on vacation. Can you say temptation?
J.Crew postcard dress
Shirt dresses/over sized shirts. I can't think of a more comfortable but still stylish beach go-to. This one is originally from H&M that I bought at the thrift store. At this point last week, I had not had time to iron my outfits. So please bare with me.
J.Crew polo; Forever 21 shorts 
The beach uniform: polo shirt and pastel shorts. It's not very creative, but who has time to think while on vacation. This goes along the lines of that boy scout motto: be prepared.
Cover ups. Once again a variety of colors and shapes to be paired with a variety of bikinis. I got this one at the thrift store and have no idea what the brand is. I just loved the stripes. Head scarfs/hats are essential especially when going down south. The sun is so penetrating that areas of my skin that have never burnt up north, including the tops of my ears/part line, get burnt.
Various jewelry and accessories. Not much thought was put into this mishmash.
I also just want to disclaim that even though this is roughly what I imagine myself packing when I go on vacation, an additional 10 outfits or so get thrown in, in a moment of indecision and loss of self control. Happy packing!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Etsy shop: Vivat Veritas

I discovered the Etsy shop Vivat Veritas through my boyfriend who purchased one of the rompers for my birthday (see at bottom). The business card was in the pocket of the romper, and when I checked out the store I loved everything I saw. I immediately emailed the girl behind the shop to ask her some questions. All of the pieces are handmade and include everything from rompers to cute cut-out dresses and scalloped shorts—everything that is hot for summer now, including stripes. I am extremely impressed with the quality and variety of things this girl can manipulate a sewing machine to create. Scroll down to see the Q&A with Chie.

What are your other interests/activities besides making clothes on etsy?
When I'm not sewing, I like to spend my time exercising. Since my day job requires me to be in front of computer for 8 hours a day, and sewing requires me to be sitting down as well, I really need to work out and move my body after so many hours of sitting down. I used to do a training using kettle-bell weights when I lived in the U.S., and I think it really changed my body. Unfortunately, I haven't found a gym that uses kettle-bell for training in Japan, so I stick to running and some boxing exercises for now.

My husband and I try to go on a short trip every 6 months. We've been to Thailand 3 times and Indonesia (Bali) once since we got married. South East Asia is our favorite places to visit!

A lot of people run their Etsy shops as a full-time job. Do you have a day job?
Yes, I have a regular 9-5 job. I work for an American law firm.

Why did you start making clothes on Etsy?
Sewing was a hobby started when a friend lent me a basic sewing machine to make a few odds and ends (pillow cases and whatnot). Over the next few months I started making clothes and could not stop sewing.
I found out about Etsy when I made more clothes than I could possibly wear, and that's how I started selling on Etsy.

What inspires the clothing you make?
I'm very much inspired by personal fashion blogs, such as Cupcakes and Cashmere, Liebemarlene Vintage, and The Owls are not what they seem to name a few. I subscribed to many more personal blogs and vintage fashion blogs. I'm really interested in what the real people are wearing in the real life.
Besides that, I get inspirations from Runways, and I check Style.com often.

How did  you choose the name for your label?
As to the name of my label, it comes from my husband's tattoo on his left arm.
Vivat Veritas means "Live the Truth" in Latin. I took it because I could not come up with any other name for my label, but I'm really happy that I did, and like the meaning behind it.

You can also check out her website, here

A Gorgeous Cable-Knit Sweater

Details: Banana Republic Sweater (Similar) / Gap Jeans / Nordstrom Boots / Ten Thousand Villages Necklace Well, it's officially ...