Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday!

Should be a very relaxing weekend. I am seeing a friend tonight before he goes off to his MFA program at Sarah Lawrence (so proud!). We are getting Thai food and seeing The Kids Are All Right to be followed by s'mores with friends and family. Enjoy your weekend and these links:

Remember the disgruntled flight attendant from earlier this week? Check out this reenactment

I love this boat bath tub

J'aime Mon Carre

A clueless inspired closet

Kmart designs unfugly clothing

Awesome F. Scott Fitzgerald book cover designs

Inspired by 70s style

Loving all the posts on fall, especially this one

(Photo of Patricia and Peter Lawford from  At its best)


Kristin said...

Unfugly clothing...You're crackin' me up!

Morning Cloak said...

I want to hear how you like the movie! I've heard good things.

jane said...

great links and what a wonderful shot! hope you enjoyed the little bon voyage party - sounds fun* xx, jane

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