Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cold office wear

I was going for a really classic look with this outfit but the black t-shirt and jean jacket made the long skirt and pearl necklace look a little edgier. It's a pretty simple outfit, but I really like the colors. I like that when I take off the jean jacket it turns into a dressier outfit, which is a nice option in the office when you are running in and out of meetings, but want to be a little more casual at your desk. I can't express how important layering is when the AC at the office is still on full blast during these transitional months.
Gap shirt and skirt; Old Navy jacket; Nine West shoes; Silver Mine jewelry


Mary @ stylefyles said...

girl, I know all about the importance of layering for the office! They keep it FREEZING here. It's soo funny....I put my jacked on when I walk INSIDE. what's up with that?

Christine said...

love your jean jacket, you look great :)

xoxo Christine

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