Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Working girl: Suiting alternatives

I was inspired by the suit for this outfit. I love the structured details of a suit, but I wanted to mix in a more contemporary piece like these skinny pants to balance it out. I used a classic blue and white striped ruffled shirt but left it untucked, which kind of made me feel like a British 60s rocker going to the office. And in the true form of a suit, I kept the top and bottom in matching colors, which I thought looked really simple and classic. I don't know about you, but I feel so much more productive and important when I am dressed like this at work.
H&M jacket and pants; Marshalls blouse; Nine West shoes
I thought I would share the photo below because of the funny expression on my face. I was trying to do an interesting pose and midway through I just gave up and smiled. Artistic? No?. Ha!  


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Look at you! Always so stylish---it kills me! I need some more sophisticated ensembles like this. Tres chic!

xx Katie

Lauren said...

First - You have the best hair. I wish my hair would do what your's does.

Second - ADORE this outfit! I would wear this in a heartbeat! It is so simple but so stylish! That jacket fits you perfectly. I love this suiting alternative.

Small Time Style

Kristin said...

Gorgeous blouse and your hair looks amazing!

Mary @ stylefyles said...

Nice look! I love pairing a suit blazer with something more casual, like jeans, a skirt or a cute dress, but I like how you've done this with black skinny jeans and a ruffled blouse....nice interpretation of the look!

Christina said...

Thanks for the love!

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