Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall outfit: The 50s look, pencil skirt and cardigan

I was going for a retro Mad Men-inspired look here, but I think I got a little too costumey. I think I should have lost the flower pin or the pearls or both. Nonetheless I still love this vintage United Colors of Benneton skirt and this thrifted black purse. I am not sure how old the purse is or if it is vintage but it was $3! Also, I wore my cardigan backwards; as you can see the buttons in the back. Worn backwards my crewneck cardigan looks kind of like one of those 50s retro sweaters, and it totally makes me believe in the crewneck sweater. I need to get more of those. So what do you think? Too much? A good Halloween costume at best?
Nordstrom cardigan; United Colors of Benetton skirt (Avalon-Pittsburgh); NY&Co polka dot tights; Nine West shoes; Pearl necklace (gift); H&M flower pin; Nine West purse (thrifted)


Kristin said...

Those tights rock lady! You look so pretty!

Lauren said...

I don't think it looks too costumey - I think it looks very lady-like and Mad Men-esque! I personally love flower pins, so I really love the pop of bright pink :) I also really like those tights!

Small Time Style

Suburban Sweetheart said...

1) I'd never think of a backward cardigan. Genius.
2) LOVE the tights.
3) I'd go for pearls over flower, but I don't think this looks too costumey.

Cute look!

Anonymous said...

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