Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday!!

My list of things to do this weekend includes: freelance work, buying grandma a b-day gift, checking out Columbus Day sales for early Christmas shopping, seeing the Social Network (alone if I have to), dining with girlfriends, dining with sister and boyfriend, and hopefully some catching up on reading. Whew, I am already tired. Enjoy yours and these links:

Dancers practice Argentine Tango on a pier in New York every Wednesday, rain or shine. Think I could start that up in Cleveland?

Habitually Chic's Heater Clawson's family apple crisp recipe.

How to recycle an old tennis racket.

Vintage wallpaper is actually pretty cool.

Vintage Brooks Brothers and its camel. So Jealous!

I want this house and all the decorations.

10 Best low carb snacks are not barf inducing.

I love Belgian fries and beer.

Google UK has an animated doodle homage to John Lennon. 


Kristin said...

Belgian fries and beer...mmmmmm!

Christina said...

I just had some over the weekend and they were delicious!

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