Thursday, March 24, 2011

Style History: Jack Rogers Navajo sandals

Last summer, when Nordstrom started carrying Jack Rogers' Navajo sandals, I started seeing them everywhere, and I just assumed that they were a new, popular brand. It wasn't until reading Unabashedly Prep one day that I became privy to the knowledge that the sandal became popular due to Jacqueline Kennedy's style influence. The style of sandal was first rooted in the streets of Capri and soon after Jackie's debut wearing them, Florida's independent cobblers were also making the sandals. The Miami Footwear company put it into expanded production in 1960 and the rest is history. I love learning about the history behind certain styles and trends so I thought I would share. Also interesting to note, Jack Rogers sandals are still made by hand in Florida today. This information is extremely timely as a Jack Rogers flagship  store just opened in NYC. If you don't live in NYC, the website features an online shop and is full of spring styling inspiration. Check it out.
(Photos via Unabashedly Prep, AP, Jack Rogers, and Nordstrom)


Stacey Kay said...

Interesting! Love vintage styles.

Stacey Kay
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Jay Strut said...

Such a babe,
i love seeing photos like this...
It makes me want to be so vintage haha
+ reminds me of Liz Tay.. RIP!!!

Love the blog..


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My Heart Blogged said...

That's really cool. I've seen knock offs of that same style everywhere, and it never occurred to me that's why the sandal was so popular.
My Heart Blogged

ChiccaStyle said...

Love this post, thanks for sharing!!!

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