Sunday, September 18, 2011

$14.95 H&M jersey wrap dress

I went into my local H&M looking for this dress after I was prompted by an email from the retailer advertising this dress for the amazing price of $14.95. To me it looked like an up-to-date take on the jersey dress that could be worn for just about any occasion from work to family events to a night out.

One thing you should know, if you are looking for this particular color pictured above, is that it is actually more of an orange rust than red. I was not upset by this as I like the color rust, but it's important to note that the color looks different in person. The dress also comes in a blue pattern, snakeskin, powdery beige, camel, and black.

When I first tried on the dress in my typical size small, it was not flattering at all. The waist was loose making me look wider than I actually am and it just didn't have that sleek look like from the picture. I guessed that H&M's inconsistent sizing was the culprit. Indeed it was. Upon trying on the x-small, the waist was tighter and hitting me in the right place. The sleeves were also much tighter, but I don't mind that. The wrap, which was a little too loose before, was also fitting much better now.

I bought the dress in rust and can see myself wearing it in a variety of different ways such as with boots and a scarf or black tights and heels.

Being that this dress is jersey and only $14.95 the fit is not going to be perfect on everyone, but I definitely advise you to try on some other sizes and see how it looks before giving up on it. It really is quite a versatile and stylish dress for only $14.95.

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