Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Best Picture Inspired Style: Hugo

 Hugo is about a young, orphan boy secretly living in the walls of a train station. He sets all of the clocks in the station and has a talent for fixing things, including the automaton, which is the only thing left of his father. He crosses paths with a cranky toy shop owner and his god-daughter, Isabelle. She is constantly reading, has a penchant for big words and is somewhat mischievous. I was immediately drawn to her. The setting is 1930s Paris in the winter. I found myself really admiring her cavalier mixture of stripes and plaids, as well as her combination of warm chunky sweaters, wool skirts and coats. Ingredients for the perfect winter look.
Vintage Pendleton sweater via the Ohio Knitting Mills Pop-Up Shop / Vintage skirt via Rag Refinery / Thrifted Ann Taylor shoes / tights? / Thrifted Evan Piccone blazer / Vintage pocket watch necklace 

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