Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Lady Copy Cat

I saw some pictures the other day of Mobama wearing a dress with this exact same print. I purchased my skirt at a consignment shop (originally from Target). I was happy to see we share the same excellent taste. Either that or Michele is reading my blog for style tips. I am going to go with that option. Just to see how it feels for a few moments.

This skirt and jacket were two of my best finds from my local consignment shop, which is closing (insert sad face). The skirt was a little big, but I fell in love with the print so I took it to my tailor to have it taken in. I love the results!

Tulle jacket via Avalon
Target turtleneck
Target skirt via Avalon
Franco Sarto Boots via Nordstrom
J.Crew necklace

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