Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wear to Work Costume: The Mad Hatter

I like the idea of wearing a Mad Hatter costume to work because it utilizes the clothes I would normally wear to work just completely mismatched. This costume in its simplest form is a pair of cropped patterned pants, ruffle button down, blazer, ankle booties, hat, and a tie. I feel like all of these things have been trends lately. If you are a trend-following nerd like me, than you should have these things in your closet already. The only thing you shouldn't have in your closet is this hat I fashioned from cardboard, a men's suit blazer found at the thrift store, lots of duct tape, and some ribbon. No, I actually don't have a lot of free time on my hands.

To make the hat I followed this great DIY post on diy inspired. It looks daunting, but in reality the more mistakes you make, the more askew the hat looks, which is kind of the point. Anyone else dressing up for work? Or did I just completely embarrass myself?

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