Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Layering with Short Sleeve Shirts

Details: Old Navy top / Gap shirt and shoes / Loft pants / J.Crew outlet necklace

Now that the obligatory freak snow storms of March are past us and we hopefully won't need to use the "S" word again for quite some time, I really wanted to wear this spring top.  It is still a little chilly as I am heading out the door for work in the mornings so I layered this shirt underneath to keep warm throughout the various temperature pitfalls of the day. I like the crisp professional look it adds to the blouse while still allowing the abstract floral print of the blouse to stand out. Of course I couldn't help myself and added complimentary brights. These shoes were basically made to be worn with these pants. Who am I to say no?

What are your layering tricks this spring?

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